Übersicht Änderungen N3 zu N4

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Übersicht Änderungen N3 zu N4

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Endlich was brauchbares gefunden:

Rule changes, adding updates as they're pointed out/I find them. Trying to avoid stuff "not in N4" since that list is quite long and you won't see it on the table:
- Army List: Maximum of 15 troopers
- Order Expenditure Sequence: ARO Check
- ReRoll skill exists
- Successful crits add another dice to dice pool to be saved against (apply affects of ammo as normal. Crit w/ EXP requires 4 saves, Crit w/ Breaker requires 2 saves with 1/2 BTS)
- Path is determined after measuring.
- Can move on/thru things that are 1/2 the size of the base. Must end at location that can fully support base.
- Can move through allies with same or Lower height (no longer based on Silhouette value)
- No more falling, Movement must end at valid location
- Going prone while using Guts is specifically allowed
- Motorcycles and TAGs can't go prone (REMs can)
- 1/2 speed affects all movement (Move, Dodge, Guts movement, etc.)
- Cancelling unconscious automatically cancels Prone.
- Can climb things that are 1/2 size of base. Must end at location that can fully support base.
- Can be prone.
- Allows for changing facing even when just falling prone.
- Can go prone during guts, but halves movement (in prone section, but here for clarity)
BS Attack into CC: ALL fails hit allied troopers.
Partial Cover:
- Only needs part of unit covered by scenery they are in b2b with. (No longer need 1/3)
- Being on a roof higher than top of enemy silhouette gives you cover (no longer need to be prone)
Circular Templates:
- When used on troopers as Main Target, must be centered on underside of the Main Target's base. Unless using Speculative Attack.
Speculative Attack:
- Specifies you must place the template horizontally on the table or terrain, never in the air or a vertical surface.
- No longer has negative MODs negated by Targeted state
Close Combat:
- Coup de Grace: Happens automatically when declaring CC attack vs unconscious or Shasvastii-Embryo model
- Reactive: Only one unit in the engagement can ARO with CC Attack, but gets the Burst mod for each ally who doesn't ARO with other skills.
- Engaged is canceled automatically at end of order if enemies are Null or Immobilized.
- Available hacking devices and their programs:
- HD: Carbonite, Spotlight, Total Control, Oblivion
- HD+: White Noise, Cybermask, All HD Programs
- KHD: Trinity, Cybermask
- EVO: Assisted Fire, Enhanced Reaction, Fairy Dust, Controlled Jump
- KHD don't bypass Firewalls anymore
- Hackers don't necessarily have Hacking Devices?
- Immobilized-B (no longer Imm-1) can be reset out of at a -3 mod, or an engineer can remove it.
- Supportware doesn't have turn limits?
- Controlled Jump: Supportware that applies +3 to allied troopers using Combat Jump, and applies a -3 to enemy troopers using Combat Jump.
- Cybermask: No longer requires a roll.
- Fairy Dust: Affects all units of chosen type, either HI, REM, or TAG.
- Oblivion: B2, 1/2 BTS
- Isolated: Applies -9 WIP Mod to Reset, can be canceled by reset (with the -9 mod) or Engineer
- Spotlight: Can be used in ARO now
- Targeted:
- Applies -3 Mod to resets
- Can be canceled by successful reset or engineer
- No longer negates negative mod to Speculative Attack
- Total Control: Now can cancel the Possessed state if used on a possessed TAG (ie, you owned it at the start of the game)
- Trinity: Now has +3 to Att Mod, Damage 14, no longer Shock
- Zero Pain: Applies -3 to opp Mod
Ammo types:
- Crits: Successful crits add another dice to dice pool to be saved against (apply affects of ammo as normal. Crit w/ EXP requires 4 saves, Crit w/ Breaker requires 2 saves with 1/2 BTS)
- E/M: Is now 2 Saves, no E/M 2
- Para: Replacing ADH. requires PH-6 Roll still. Applies Immobilized-A
- Immobilized-A: Now allows Dodge, but applies -6 Mod. Can be canceled with successful dodge or engineer.
- Shock: No longer has W/STR requirements. Those are baked into unit profiles. (Most units with 2W have Immunity (Shock))
- Smoke: Applies Cylinder rising straight up from template. (Blast focus not used)
- Stunned: Can now be canceled by a Doctor (if the stunned unit has W) or Engineer (if stunned unit has STR)
- Combined Saving Roll: Crits apply to ARM dice.
- Viral is replaced with "DA + Shock"
- Fire now is just "Continuous Damage", no more "Burned" state
- Continuous Damage note: Crits don't have the rolling save mechanic.
- D-Charges
- Deployable: Now placed with "Place Deployable", and detonate at the resolution of the order. Cannot be used in ARO.
- CC Mode: No longer applies -3 MOD
- Mines: Now placed with "Place Deployable" Skill
- Cybermines: Now require 2 saves.
- Thing(Attribute+x) applies a positive x mod to user's attribute when using that "Thing" (skill, weapon, equipment)
- Thing(Attribute-x) applies negative x mod to enemy's attribute when users is using that "Thing" (skill, weapon, equipment). Enemy skill might also be specified: "ECM (Hacking -3) means that a Trooper declaring a Hacking Program against the user must apply an additional -3 MOD to their Roll."
- Thing(Attribute = x) treats the user's attribute value as x when using that "Thing" (mods are then applied from there)
- Thing(ReRoll) allow the user to reroll one die from the Roll when using that "Thing"
Levels: No longer provide the lower levels of the skill. (e.g. Martial Arts Level 4 doesn't provide Martial Arts Level 3)
- AD: No longer has levels. Parachutist and Combat Jump are independant skills with the "Airborne Deployment (AD)" label.
- Alert!: Replaces N3's "Warning!"
- Look Out!: Replaces N3's "Alert". Allows allied troopers to Dodge (PH-3). They don't get any movement if successful, merely allows an in-place change of facing. Can be declared against marker states.
- Discover + Attack is described as a "common combination", as opposed to an Entire Order. This is how it was played before, but largely misunderstood by new players.
- Dodge:
- Now absorbs Change Facing and Engage. Can be declared without LoF if enemy is in ZoC with -3 Mod, and movement can be used to reach b2b with an enemy model.
- Movement can be used in active turn. If both players have units dodging, active player moves their units first.
- Movement happens at end of order, no longer triggering mines.
- Can go prone or cancel prone at beginning of move.
- Prone halves movement.
- Place Deployable: Replaces many specific skills (e.g. "Mines", "Viral Mines", "Deployable Repeater", etc.).
- Perimeter: Uses "Place Deployable" skill, the equipment is placed in ZoC of user.
- Boost: Now activates in both active and reactive turns
- Berserk:
- Now longer has static mods. Berserk will have "Berserk (+x)" format.
- Entire order skill.
- Absorbs "Assault". If not in b2b with target, can use Berserk to close distance on models within sum of move values.
- Can be used in impetuous.
- Bioimmunity: Allows user to use either ARM or BTS attribute for saving rolls, doesn't apply to Comms Attacks.
- Booty: Roll immediately after placing unit on the table. No levels, chart is different (most notably: MOV 8-4 instead of motorcycle)
- Camouflaged:
- No longer does anything but allow you to enter/deploy in marker state.
- Any mods to hit/discover are under Mimetism (-x) skill.
- Stealth is an independant skill.
- Retreat cancels Camo state.
- Look Out! is now an ARO option vs Camo Markers.
- Combat Jump:
- No longer requires drop template.
- No more scatter: Fail means deploy in deployment zone, on edge of table.
- Decoy: Can copy marker states (Absorbs Ambush Camo)
- Doctor:
- Doctor (2W) can heal up to 2W (Replaces Akbar doctor).
- Can be used to remove Stun from a unit with W
- Explode: No longer affects allies.
- Forward Observer:
- No longer supplies a Flash Pulse.
- Can be used in ARO
- Frenzy: Now triggers during States phase (at end of turn) instead of beginning of their next turn.
- Guard: No longer has table. Allows user to use CC skills against a target that is in ZoC and LoF. User and Target can apply MODs and and CC Special Skills that require Silhouette Contact.
- Hidden Deployment: Canceled in Retreat
- Immunity (ammunition type): Treats that ammo type as Normal. Unless it is a Comms Attack.
- Immunity (game state): Cannot enter that state
- Immunity (Total):
- Treats all ammo types as Normal. (Notably, includes Para ammo)
- Immune to Traits that cause States (e.g. Monofilament CCW has "State: Dead" trait),
- Immune to Traits that refer to causing Damage (e.g. Flamethrower has "Continuous Damage" trait)
- Immune to Traits that reduce the attributes of the target (e.g. Monofilament CCW "ARM = 0" trait).
- Does not suffer effects of Non-Lethal weapons/ammo.
- Notably no longer allows you to choose between BTS and ARM. That is now the "Bioimmunity" skill
- Immunity (Critical): Doesn't make additional saving throw.
- Immunity does not apply to Comms Attacks unless it is Immunity (game state)
- Impersonation:
- Fail on WIP roll to deploy in enemy's Deployment Zone doesn't scatter, has deployment happen on user's Deployment Zone on table edge.
- Retreat! Cancels
- Impetuous:
- Movement is more straight forward: If your move can get you in silhouette contact with an enemy, do that. If not, move towards enemy deployment zone without doubling back.
- Super Jump, Climbing Plus, Berserk allow for their use explicitly during Impetuous.
- Extremely Impetuous does not exist.
- Lieutenant: Advanced Command is replaced by (+1 Command Token) and Lieutenant L2 is replaced by Lieutenant (+1 Order)
- Marksmanship: No longer has levels, only ignores the negative MOD to BS imposed by Cover (no longer adds Shock)
- Martial Arts: New chart. Now each level is strictly better than the previous level.
- Metachemistry: Roll immediately after placing unit on the table. No levels, chart is different
- Mnemonica: Can have any REM as Target. Autotool is removed.
- Natural Born Warrior: Only prevents use of Martial Arts against it.
- Parachutist (Deployment Zone): Replaces N3's "Tactical Jump"
- Peripheral:
- Peripheral (Servant): Replaces G: Servant, max 2 servants per controller
- Peripheral (Syncronized): Replaces G: Syncronized
- Peripheral(Control): Replaces G: Marionette. Controller can also do skills, no longer treats them as Idle. If the skill requires a target, either the Controller or the Spearhead can perform the skill. Others will Idle.
- Protheion: Now no longer has Mod table or CC profile; uses users CC Weapon and Martial Arts, if applicable.
- Regeneration: Now happens, optionally, at during States Phase (after orders).
- Remdriver: At deployment, allows the unit to pick a Remote to buff with whatever mods are in the Remdrive skill (e.g. Rem Racer profile with "Remdriver (+1 Dam, +1 WIP, +3 BTS)" can pick one REM on deployment to give those mods to.) There is no way to re-apply this mod to a different REM mid-game, and will be lost if the REM enters any Null state.
- Remote Presence: Is now the requirement in order to be able to re-roll engineer checks with a command token on failed repair attempt.
- Seed-Embryo: Now canceled on any skill with Movement label.
- Sensor: No longer provides Triangulated Fire
- Shasvastii-Embryo: Points count towards Retreat! and anything scenario-specific (i.e. don't count as killed troupers and can count towards dominating zones). Points are not counted for Victory Points.
- Sixth Sense:
- Allows dodge with no Negative modifiers except those from Imm-A state.
- No longer provides delay
- Strategos L1: Now allows 2 reserve troopers, as well as replacing Lt. Order with Regular Order
- Strategos L2: Allows user to move a Trooper into a different command group without spending a command token, as well as the two things from Strategos L1.
- Surprise Attack: Now affects Normal Rolls
- Terrain (Type): User is granted +1 to first value of their MOV attribute. Need to be in Terrain of that type when declaring the skill. Ignores restrictions caused by terrain areas of that type. Terrain (Total) no longer has to pick terrain type, but Terrain (Type1, Type2, ...) does.
- Transmutation (W/STR): Works as N3's Transmutation. This is replacing a few different skills that did similar things. Notably Symbioarmor, so artichokes can no longer schluff off statuses.
- Transmutation (Auto): Allows switching to other profile when performing any skill with the movement label, and W/STR is shared between profiles.
- Triangulated Fire: Now is independant skill, still no BS Mods other than the -3 inherent to the skill. Burst Mods are applied normally.
- Vulnerablity (Type): Unit treats type of attack, weapon, or ammo as if it didn't have the Immunity skill.
- Albedo: Effectively the same. Just Albedo-A for turn 1, Albedo-B for turn 2
- Baggage: Ally trooper refills disposable equipment while in ZoC of Baggage by spending an Entire Order. No longer has +20pts
- Biometric Visor: No levels, same as N3's Biometric visor Level 1
- Dazer: generate difficult terrain (not very difficult terrain or saturation zone)
- Deactivator: Allows deactivating Enemy Equipment in addition to deployable weapons.
- ECM (Attack Type -x): Owner must be targeted by the attack type, and will apply the mod.
- Fast Panda: Now has perimeter, so can be placed in ZoC with the "Place Deployable" skill. No longer has its own movement values
- Gizmokit: An engineer's version of a medikit. Can be used at range (pistol rangebands) or in b2b on a model with STR (doesn't need to be unconscious). Triggers a PH roll, success means +1 STR, failure is -1 STR. If hit with multiple gizmokits in 1 order, any success on the PH roll means +1 STR. Multiple successes don't stack. It doesn't specify what happens with multiple failures and no successes.
- Holomask: Replaces N3's Holoprojector Lvl 1. Canceled on Retreat!
- Holoprojector: Replaces N3's Holoprojector lvl2.
- Reactivates Holo echoes on States phase (at end of turn) instead of beginning of reactive turn.
- If used in conjunction with Holomask, does not have to place Holoecho marker next to one of the three models unless activated on the user's active turn.
- Canceled in Retreat
- Medikit: Now requires a PH roll instead of PH-3. If hit with multiple Medikits in 1 order, any success on the PH roll means +1W. Multiple successes don't stack.
- Motorcycle: Dismounted motorcycle token can be shot at. When mounted, still can't be prone. ARM: 0, BTS: 0, STR 1, S 4
- Multispectral Visor: L1 can now draw LoF through Zero Visibility Zones, applying a -6 MOD to any skill that requires LoF. Other levels are the same as in N3
- Tinbots: Specify what their effect is. (e.g. Atalanta's "Tinbot (Discover +3)"). All tinbots give their effects to all units in the same fireteam, but only one tinbot can be used per declared Order or ARO. (No stacking or multiple bonuses)
Command Tokens:
- First player can use Strategic use of command token to "Set aside one extra Trooper to deploy after their opponent."
- Second player can now can also have one trooper start in Suppression Fire (a Controller with all of it's Periphals, if they can be in SF)
- CC Attack in Coordinated Order: Now only applies standard CC Attack mods for allies engaged with same enemy.
- Hacking in Coordinated Order: No longer requires EVO hacker.
- "If the participants of a Coordinated Order declare the use of a Skill or Equipment such as Doctor, MediKit or Engineer on a common target, any successful Roll means that the Skill was successful."
- Coordinated Order "Place Deployable": Now covers a large range of options. Mines, D-Charges, Perimeter weapons, etc.
Difficult Terrain: Applies -1" MOD to both mov attributes.
Fireteam differences:
- Burst mod can stack with other burst mods during the active turn (but not the reactive)
- Technical weapons no longer get fireteam bonuses (no extra burst or +3 mod)
- CC Mods are default +1 B for allies engaged. No more +1 damage per ally.
- Team leader must be the one who CC's
Fireteam Cancellation:
- Team leader declaring different ARO doesn't immediately break fireteam, the other members still get the fireteam bonuses
- Retreat! cancels fireteams
Only 3 Pheroware: Endgame, Eraser, Mirrorball. All provide -3 mod in f2f (not applicable for Mirrorball)
Symbiomate applies to Comms Attacks again.